OHLLUMEDAY SOTWEBAR is a full-blooded son of the soil of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He was born in the mid-70s in Iju, formally Agege local government of Lagos. His elementary- and secondary level education was at the Iju Station Primary School, Iju Grammar school and Vetland Gammar School respectively, in the same local government area.

Following this, he proceeded initially to the Polytechnic of Ibadan in the mid-90s to study Accounting; and then left for Spain in the late 90s settling down in Malaga University, in the southern part of Spain. Whilst in this university, he picked up interest in construction and landscaping because of some of the life experiences he witnessed there in the environment he found himself. In this pursuit, he tried all he could each and all the time he moved through any construction or landscaping site to learn one thing or the other.

He also travelled a lot within his time of his stay in Europe, especially to Germany, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Austria and England. All this while undying view and aim at each of his trips was to pick up when practical trick here and there, and different techniques in construction and landscaping in each of these countries. This is what has been the secret of the versatility he brings to his projects, and the basis for the continuing growth in his field of work. He actually enjoys the aesthetics in the construction and landscaping profession.

He returned finally back to Nigeria in the year 2005 and applied to the Nigeria’s premier university , the great University of Ibadan to study Botany (the study of plants) to broaden his knowledge in the area of Horticultural landscaping. Immediately he graduated from the University of Ibadan he moved again to the nation’s premier polytechnic the Polytechnic of Ibadan, to study Civil Engineering to widen his views in the area of construction. After that he moved immediately again to another prestigious polytechnic in Nigeria, the Federal Polytechnic, Ede, to study Architecture. This was with a view to ending up as an Architectural landscaper but unfortunately he could not finish the program before he backed out because of the pressing loads of the different projects being daily awarded to his company from different sectors within the country. He still has the vision to go back to acquire this degree in Architecturing because it is at the top of his wish to be an Architectural landscaper for an all-round grounding in his professional field.

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