SOT AND WEBAR NIGERIA LIMITED has her head office at No1, Road 2, Model City Reservation Area, Idi Omo, Ojoo, Ibadan, and the branch office at the Fabson office complex, Fabson Filling Station, near Second Gate, University of Ibadan but our services know no boundary within all the states of the Nigeria. Reach out to us and we get to you.

SOT AND WEBAR was born in the year 2007 as an indigenous limited liability company with the sole professional interest in construction and landscaping. The company, starting very humbly, then began the arduous pursuits of establishing a brand in this world of construction and landscaping. It has been a painstaking strive so far but things appear looking up, and we believe we still have some hard, upward climb to make to reach the self-imposed lofty standards of excellence for our company.

SOT AND WEBAR’s standing in the world of landscaping is good among the numerous numbers of landscapers in Oyo state. There is some evidence to suggest that the company has climbed up the ladder to be among the best 2 landscaping companies in Oyo state but that does not make us relax because our dream is not only to be the best in Oyo state but to be among the best ten landscaping companies, as well as a well-known indigenous construction outfit, in the whole of Nigeria within the next few years.

SOT AND WEBAR is not under any illusion that this goal is going to be an easy ride being in contention with over one million other professional construction and landscaping firms currently practicing in Nigeria. Never the less, we strongly believe we will achieve the mark through our restlessly creative mind and hard – driving work ethics.

SOT AND WEBAR for now parades, by far, the best ornamental nursery garden in the whole of Oyo state on the one hand, and among the leading in Nigeria on the other hand. Our nursery, situated on twenty plots of land, is a well-planned mega garden where horticultural students and researchers can have some unique opportunities to learn on the field.

SOT AND WEBAR places a high premium on quality work, knowing fully well that quality never goes out of fashion. We have achieved an enviable reputation for the quality of our work by being up to date with, and applying the latest international research findings in the field of construction and landscaping in the projects we handle for our clients. The international wealth of experience from many central European countries of the Chief Executive Officer of our company is one of the qualities our company depend on far its continuous success. The company parades a highly skilled staff with vast experience in combining creativity and beauty with economic state. The staff has also been responsible for the brilliant success of all our multimillion naira projects so far in the country.

SOT AND WEBAR establishes answers to the theory of interior and exterior living. Our clients get values for their money and their inspiration, giving them access to a world of different designs in construction and landscaping. We build around the dreams of our clients to become reality.

SOT AND WEBAR has in the last few years handled different projects within different sectors in Nigeria, from the national to the state levels; from giant industries to small entities; from private institutions to government establishments, and to uncountable numbers of residential projects, from the rich to the poor in the country. We try as much as possible to bridge the gap between the poor and the rich with the cost outlay of our projects, by giving the best to your money spent.

SOT AND WEBAR as a company has also made it one of their cardinal rules of business to pay back to the society. This has been in the nature of yearly construction of countless free projects in the last ten years to areas of felt needs. Most of the projects are valued from hundreds of thousands to millions of naira each year.


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